Help Give Free Kibble To Needy Dogs

 |  Jul 13th 2008  |   3 Contributions

Want to help out some needy dogs but don't really have the time? Well here's an easy way to contribute to the well being of our canine friends that will take less than a minute .

Just visit, answer the daily Bow Wow Trivia question and 20 pieces of kibble are automatically donated to an animal shelter. Don't worry, if you're trivia challenged like me, you don't even have to get the answer right in order for your donation to count.

It's a great idea that surely came from a grizzly veteran of the online wars, right? Wrong. This idea was created by an eleven year-old girl, Mimi Ausland, from Oregon who modeled the site after that donates rice to the UN World Food Program. What a smart, compassionate young lady!

So please, click on the link and help a dog in need today. While you're at it, give some love to the kitties too at

Thanks for helping out some needy pups and kitties, and making a little girl's dream of helping our fuzzy friends come true.


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