Help Find Two Leonberger Puppies Lost Near Rock Springs, Wyoming

 |  Dec 11th 2006  |   8 Contributions

Thanks to Rambo for posting this plea for help in The Dogster Force Group! I hope that the next email I get about these two puppies tells us all that they have been found and are home safe and warm!

Two fellow dog lovers (Leonberger folk) Linda and Bob Sebastiani were in an accident today on interstate 80 near Rock Springs Wyoming. They were bringing two Leonberger puppies home. The two 8 wk old puppies ran from the scene and need to be found ASAP.

The wreck happened at Mile marker 98 on the East bound side of the highway ( I -80) close to Evansville/ Rock Springs.

Reluctantly posting Bob's cell number...916-995-1944 PLEASE DO NOT CALL UNLESS YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW CAN ACTUALLY BE OF HELP SEARCHING !!! If you know anyone near Salt Lake or in those Ski Areas east of SL please call and try to get them there. It's very cold there and these lil guys probably don't have much time.

If you or anyone you know is in this area please get out there and help find these babies before something horrible happens to them.

For those that don't know what a Leo pup looks like here is a video from the breeder of these puppies, they were younger here so will be about 20 lbs now.-- Follow this link to watch the video.

Bob and Linda are said to be ok but need help finding these two pups.



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