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 |  Oct 2nd 2009  |   5 Contributions

raven_faceSadly, today I have two posts regarding lost dogs. I just received word from photographer Mark Rogers that one of his clients has lost their standard poodle.

Here are the details from Mark's 'Smile Like A Dog' blog.

Readers of this blog will remember Raven, a standard poodle I photographed a few weeks ago.

Ravens owners need your help: She escaped from a home where she was being watched in San Jose California and has been missing since the afternoon of September 30th.

Full details can be found on this page her owners have set up but if you live in or around San Jose or know someone there please be on the lookout for her. Here are the basics:

Monica Vigil Dombeck (510) 387-1367

* Shes a black standard poodle with a non-traditional cut

* Shes friendly but can be initially shy around new people

* She was last seen in San Jose moving along Junipero Serra Lane (parallel and just north of Moorpark; just south of 280) heading East

raven_at_poodle_romp_20090927* There is a $500 reward for her safe return

If you see her or have any information at all about her, please contact

Mark Vigil Dombeck: (510) 235-6979 or via email.

We hope this beautiful girl finds her way home soon.


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