Help Dogster Matthew Get Home!

 |  Nov 30th 2006  |   6 Contributions


Let's help get Dogster Matthew to his new home.


Is there a way you could help us out by writing this up the the Dogster Blog?

We need as much coverage and possible to get sweet Matthew home.


Wendy Lutge and Bowie

Here's what it says in the Forums:

Matthew's poster

PLEASE if you live in Sacramento, CA or know ANYONE in the area, we need your EYES to be on the lookout for a missing Chow/Lab mix. You can help by cross posting and distributing flyers anywhere you can think of.

After 2 long weeks of organizing his rescue, Matthew was saved from a South L.A. shelter just before euthanasia.

Friday, November 24th, around 9:00 pm in the Lyon's parking lot off of I-5 at Richards Ave he slipped his lead during transport and is now running loose.

He is very, very shy but gentle. He just got neutered which may be infected, plus he has an injured foot.

Pictures and his flyer can be seen and copied from Chow Chow Rescue.


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