Heart Of Glass

 |  Sep 30th 2008  |   4 Contributions

The person(s) responsible for this senseless act must have a heart of glass. A woman in Pittsburgh (PA) is claiming that someone left meat, containing ground up glass and nails, in her yard for her dogs.

Owner, Deborah Rogers, took the dogs to the veterinarian to be examined. Dr. Kenton Rexford was able to get the beagle to bring up some of the material, but the husky might need surgery.

The dogs, Shadow and Pepper, are now being treated by Dr. Kenton Rexford after x-rays showed nails and glass in the abdomens of both dogs. Officials say the material was hidden within balls of meat patties left in Rogers yard.

She had one question on the way to the vet once she realized the meat was put there on purpose.

"What kind of sick unit would destroy and torture and kill an animal for no reason," said Rogers. "They are very loving dogs."

If Deborah Rogers husky needs surgery it could be a very costly procedure, she's very worried about how she'll pay for it. She doesn't have the money and is afraid her dog could die without the proper treatment.

Rexford says the options for treatment are tricky because inducing the material through the throat could cause different problems.

"As that glass or that nail comes through the esophagus, if there was no damage when it went down, are you then creating damage when you bring it back out?" said Dr. Rexford. "Yes, definitely that is a risk."

Endoscopy or surgery may be needed for the husky, a decision that will need to be made shortly. Dr. Rexford informed Deborah Rogers about a new organization to help people in need with emergency expenses, the Animal Care and Assistance Fund.

If you would like to help:
Animal Care and Assistance Fund
c/o Robert A Meeder, 4514 Plummer St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201-3032.
Phone: 412-348-2588

We wish Shadow and Pepper, pictured above, a speedy recovery.


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