Have You Seen Sam?

 |  Oct 2nd 2009  |   16 Contributions

I received a message about a woman who was in a car accident, her dog Sam was with her and she escaped the scene and is now missing. Leigh, the woman in the accident, will be alright but is in the hospital recovering.

If any of you live in the Bonaire, Georgia area, the accident happened at the intersection of Watson Blvd. & I-75 (Veterans Parkway). Sam is a coy dog, chow/coyote mix. She is wearing a collar and new tags, and is also microchipped.

Her owner is still in the hospital with very significant injuries. She has not even been able to put up flyers or go look for her. The dog tends to overheat and the owner is worried she may have gone into shock. The tow truck driver said he saw a dog heading toward Russell Parkway.

Houston county animal control and the police have been notified. If called the dog will most likely NOT come to anyone. My friend is very worried her dog may be shot since she is a coy dog. She has owned her since she was a puppy. The dog is about 10 years old.

Keep your eyes open for Sam. Leigh is a sweet person, she loves Sam with all her heart, she is her best friend in the world. It would be great if we could help bring Sam back to her so she's there when she gets out of the hospital.

Please contact owner Leigh at cell 478-972-3431 if the dog has been sighted.

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