Hailed A Hero, Buried A Pauper

 |  Oct 2nd 2008  |   7 Contributions

A man estranged from his family, living alone in a trailer in Florida, is hailed a hero for a selfless act that has cost him his life.

Robert Emery risked his life to rescue three dogs that were stuck on a highway in Texas after hurricane Ike.

Robert "Bob" Emery, who was from Florida and in Texas to help clear storm debris, died late Saturday after dashing onto the East Freeway to reach the dogs who were huddled in the emergency lane against a cement median. He was struck by a passing motorcycle.

Thankfully the dogs were saved and eventually reunited with their owner. However, Emery's family has not been located, and without anyone to claim his body he could be given a pauper's burial.

Cheryl Lang, president of the Houston-based organization, No Paws Left Behind, which works to find solutions for pets from homes being foreclosed, is among those calling Emery a hero.

Lang said he deserves better than a pauper's burial, and is looking at ways the community can honor his memory, perhaps with a temporary pet shelter.

"He didn't even think twice, just went out and did it," she said of Emery trying to reach the dogs."That says a lot about his character."

It's very sad that Robert Emery lost his life, it would be a tragedy if he's buried in an unmarked grave. This man is a hero who deserves recognition.

Hopefully, if this story keeps making its way around the internet someone will know how to reach Robert "Bob" Emery's family.


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