Guardian Dies-Four Pups Need A Home

 |  Jul 16th 2009  |   6 Contributions

I just received a message looking for help to save four dogs that belonged to an elderly man who passed away. The deceased owner of these dogs, Mr. David M. Dodson was a career serviceman in the navy. He served a total of 21 years and was awarded numerous medals and honors.

The dogs were his life, he did everything for them and his biggest fear was the dogs would be put down when he passed. His last wish was that his dogs find new forever homes.

This man served our country, put his life on the line, fought for us. Let's make Mr. Dodson proud of his country by pulling together and fighting to make sure we find his dogs a safe place to live out their days.

The Brazoria County Humane Society in Alvin, Texas currently has all the dogs. There are 3 Malti-poos, pictured left, and 1 Terrier named Bullet (as seen in pic above) that need homes.

The dogs range in age from almost 5 to 9-years-old. If you are interested please contact Shirley at the BCHS via email.

Please post and crosspost this, Shirley isn't worried about getting too many requests she just wants to make sure they all get new loving forever families. If you are truly interested please contact Shirley direct, I do not have any more information than what I posted.

*Malti-poos from left to right-Missy, Mittsy, and Sassy.


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