Group for Hurricane Survivors -- Hurricane Katrina/Rita Survivors and Rescuers

 |  Apr 19th 2006  |   0 Contributions

If you're a Katrina or Rita survivor or rescuer, there's a Dogster group just for you and your furkids who went through last year's terrible hurricane season. Its the Hurricane Katrina/Rita Survivors and Rescuers. Thanks to Cammie for barking in to tell me about them.

Cammie O. wrote:
Hi Joy. We would love if you could mention something about the Hurricane group we started back in Febuary. It is "Hurricane Katrina/Rita Survivors and Rescuers". We wanted to create a place where survivors could tell their tales,and where rescuers could get support for all the things that they saw while in the gulf coast. I really think the rescuers need support, and I want them to know that this group is here. Here is the link.

Cammie and Mo (Katrina Survivor)

Consider it done Cammie!


Mo (a Katrina survivor)


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