Great Dane's $380,000 Dog House

 |  Nov 26th 2008  |   15 Contributions

This story goes into the believe it or not category. A surgeon who built a 1.4 million home has turned half of it into a luxury kennel for her two Great Danes.

The surgeon who lives in Gloucestershire (UK) built the quarters to include a lounge and spa, plasma TV, and sheepskin-lined beds.

The plush kennel, estimated to cost more than 250,000, will be the latest eccentric build on the Cotswold Water Park, already famous for its futuristic, sustainable designs and its population of beavers.

Sheepskin-lined, raised beds will allow the dogs to keep guard out of the windows, while in the lounge they can listen to a 15,000 sound system or enjoy shows on a 52in plasma screen TV.

A retina-controlled "dogflap" system allows them to come and go from the zinc, glass and limestone home with ease, keeping out undesirables.

A temperature-regulated Dogspa (with saline purification system) will ease their muscles and clean their coats after a hard day.

Cameras all around the property will allow the owner to watch her dogs online, wherever they roam.

The Dog House is divided into two bedrooms, and living room, all with the heat controlled remotely via the internet.

As if that isn't enough, it also has an adventure play area and self-cleaning food bowls which dispense gourmet food. Obviously the economy woes haven't effected these Great Danes.

I'm sure you all have the same thought as I do, if I die I'd like to come back as one of her dogs.


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