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 |  Mar 3rd 2009  |   1 Contribution

Yesterday I posted an article about Indiana House Bill 1468. The bill seeks to change the law, strengthening penalties for animal abusers and puppy mills.

I mentioned due to the crackdown on puppy mills many purebreds are ending up at shelters, and to keep a rescue in mind if you're looking to adopt. Dogster member Michael sent me an article that reiterates this, I wanted to share.

On a recent dog adoption day that took place at a Petco in Ballard, a neighborhood near Seattle, the question wasn't if you could find a dog, but rather what kind did you want to adopt.

Like all pet-adoption events, the one at the Ballard Petco had its share of dogs who got there because they had been neglected or abused.

More telling, though, were the dogs given up recently because pet stores had gone out of business or pet owners had lost their homes and had to move to apartments that didn't allow pets.

In tough times, said Luke, kennels and pet stores can't find customers willing to pay $1,800 for a purebred King Charles spaniel.

Every weekend Luke travels to pet stores around the area to try and get the dogs adopted. She currently has six King Charles Spaniels, abandoned after the kennel wasn't able to sell them.

So, there you have it, whatever kind of pup you're looking for can be found if you take time and look around. Don't support the puppy mills, seek out the shelters and rescues, help people like Ginger Luke find homes for her wonderful dogs.

Find out more about Ginger Luke, her organization, and adoptable dogs by visiting her online at Ginger's Pet Rescue. Soon she will be opening up an online charity auction, hoping to raise funds for the never ending vet bills to care for the rescue dogs. Take a look at the wish list, you may have something to donate. Her story is very interesting, and the other great thing is that she specializes in rescuing death row dogs.

* Pic of Chihuahua from Ginger's Rescue courtesy Alan Berner/The Seattle Times


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