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 |  Mar 7th 2006  |   4 Contributions

Wondering what to do on that still cold Friday evening? How about checking out some Dogster groups? Oh, you ask, is there anything for me in the way of a Dogster group? You bet that fancy dangly thing hanging from your fur friends new collar there is! Check out some of these groups:

The Corn Chip Gang a group for all the doggies that smell like chips"
The Disney Group Lady and the Tramp and friends"
The Lazy Hounds We love to sleep and are good at it!"
The Max Pack The Most Popular Dog Name around"
Biker Dogs Dogs on bikes (and we all thought that black leather was only for human bikers!)

If youre looking for something a little more breed-centered, there is no shortage of those groups too, such as:

Bodacious Bullmastiffs To any and all bullmastiffs and their wonderful human friends"
Pekingese Passion Peke Love"
Black Labs Rock! Club the name says it all
Poodle Addicts Anonymous For those addicted to Poodles" (No intervention necessary)
Just Jacks Just Jacks doin Jack things"

And then there are the groups based on location (and sometimes breed as well):

Pinoy Dogs Philippine Dog Lovers"
Upper East Side Pup Club for dogs living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan
Nashville Pups for dogs living in Nashville, TN

How about a group that says more about you than your dog? Then check out these groups:

Painterly Pets For pets whose people are artistic" dog owners that love music"
Vegan/Vegetarian We love animals so much we dont eat them"
Pet Poetry Group If youre interested in writing poetry or prose check out this group
Pittsburgh Steelers fans We got one for the thumb!" (Gwenevere is the Group Administrator for this group and I sure wish she would explain that phrase to us!)
The Canine Collective for science fiction fans cause, in space, no one can hear you howl"

These are just a few of the groups here at Dogster. Check out one, two or even more of them. If youre already involved with a Dogster group, tell us about it and let everyone know why your group is the one they should join!


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