Good News from Sopron, Hungary!

 |  Mar 29th 2006  |   3 Contributions

A few weeks ago we reported that the "Canine Mengele" of Sopron, Hungary had been shut down and the hundreds of dogs being tortured and starved were being rescued. Here's the most recent information from our sources working with the rescuers.

So far 177 dogs have been placed with dog shelters/rescue centres in Hungary.

We continuously provide the shelters with quantities of dog food and financial help as and when they request it thanks to the donations. Among others a special thank you to PURINA, Pet Hungaria Ltd and private donations! In this way the care of the dogs at the shelters is being provided for.

The reason for this announcement is that we have received information that various donations are being collected for the starving Sopron dogs" and we have no knowledge as to where these donations are going.

In Hungary, at the moment with the help and coordination of MATSZ (Hungarian Association for Animal and Nature Lovers) Peter Kis (Szezam) is coordinating and collecting (primarily material) donations, which we then allocate to the various centres.

We would like to ask all concerned if there is a possibility to visit the rescue centres closest to their residence to hand over any material donations personally. All these centres are very much looking for physical help in caring for these dogs. Their physical, dietary and medical care is only part of their needs; only human contact and tender loving care can help rehabilitate their souls.

The shelters also have foreign sponsors collecting for them, all contact details can be found on:

There is a special bank account for aid to the Sopron dogs", all donations to this account will be guaranteed to be used for helping these dogs at the various shelters by contributing to their vet fees, etc.

HEROSZ (Herman Otto" Hungarian Association for Animal and Nature Protection) Gdll Organization, the name of the sub account is soproni kutyk."

HEROSZ Gdll/Soproni Kutyk
Erste Bank 11600006-00000000-17850326
IBAN no: HU77 11600006-00000000-17850326

The shelters keep us regularly updated on the condition of the dogs, thus if they need any help we can step in immediately!

All new information and contact details of the foreign organizations collecting for the dogs can be found on the following sites in English with fresh pictures updated regularly:

Thank you to all the Dogsters who have aided in this rescue!


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