Good Day Atlanta Xtra Appearance

 |  Oct 20th 2009  |   10 Contributions

On Thursday I made my first TV appearance on Good Day Atlanta Xtra, our local Fox 5 station. Bo was not able to come so I brought, the yet to be mentioned, Kensy. We got him not long ago and with all that has been going on haven't formally introduced him.

How we got him is actually a funny story, it involves one visiting sister-in-law and PetSmart. Lisa and her sister, Marcy, went to go grab some dog food, a daily errand at our house. The only problem, it was dog adoption day, never a good idea. Before Lisa knew what was happening her sister had jumped out of the not yet parked car and found us a new dog.

We had actually been thinking of adopting a playmate for Logan, since Bo can't play because of his age and Copper never really did. Long story shorter....they never made it into PetSmart to get what they went for but our family did grow by one fuzzy member.


If you can't see the video click here.

We had our first book signing on Saturday, October 17th, it went great. We had 37 books and sold out! I want to give a special shout-out to Bella's dad Alan who drove about an hour to come see us. I also want to thank everyone again for all the support we've been receiving, for helping spread the word about Bo's book. If everyone keeps passing on Bo's info I know his adorable mug will be in front of bookstores in no time.

Want to order your copy, click here.


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