Go Wonky Bonkers And Win A Toy!

 |  Sep 12th 2008  |   66 Contributions

See what all the dogs in the know are barking about....it's Wonky Bonkers. A fun new toy, by Bamboo, to keep your best friend amused for hours.

Designed with Dog Psychology in mind, Wonky Bonkers are the perfect toss n- tug toy! Totally tough, yet fantastically floppy, theyre what dogs are barkin for. And that Wonky Bonker bounce is gonna drive your dog, well, bonkers with doggy delight!

What drives your pal bonkers with delight? Share your story and be entered to win your very own Wonky Bonker. All you need to do is leave a comment, in the comment section, and on September 19th I'll randomly choose two lucky winners.


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