Go Greyhounds! Racing Ended This Weekend in New England

 |  Dec 28th 2009  |   12 Contributions

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Good news for greyhounds: Another greyhound racetrack has closed. This weekend, greyhounds took their final laps at a Massachusetts track, thanks to a vote by state residents galgo-1that bans greyhound racing. The track was the last in New England that permitted the sport, according to a story in the Boston Globe.

Greyhound tracks are fast dwindling around the nation. In 2001, there were 49 tracks in 15 states, reports the group GREY2K USA. Now there are just 23 tracks in seven states. Thirteen of these are in Florida.

But its not all a walk in the park for the Massachusetts greyhounds just yet. Hundreds will be retired, and are looking for good homes. (If youre interested in adopting one of these wonderful creatures, check this page for a rescue group near you.) But many will move on to race in other states. And some of those states have less stringent animal safety laws than Massachusetts, from what were learning.

So while many greyhounds have reached the finish line, its back to the starting gate for others.

(We don't think the greyhound in the above video -- which features the opposing POV -- won the race. His antlers likely created an aerodynamic drag.)

If you want to read more about lessons to be learned from this track closure, check out this excellent ESPN essay.


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