Give British breeds a dog's chance of survival

 |  Jun 12th 2006  |   1 Contribution

According to this article in The TimesOnline, some well-known dog breeds may be on their way to extinction.

Give British breeds a dog's chance of survival
By Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor

A CAMPAIGN to save many British dog breeds from the threat of extinction is being conducted by leading breeders and experts.

Without urgent action dogs such as the Skye terrier, immortalised in the story of Greyfriars Bobby, may be eclipsed by fashionable foreign breeds, such as the shih tzu and Lhasa Apso. Other breeds in need of help are the Sealyham terrier, the smooth collie, the field spaniel and the Welsh Cardigan corgi.

The British and Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust held a crisis meeting" of about 100 breeders yesterday to lead a fightback for the underdogs. Three years ago the Kennel Club issued a list of native breeds considered most at risk but experts now want to draw up a red list".

Paul Keevil, a member of the Kennel Club vulnerable breeds committee, said that some dogs had gone out of fashion. What weve got to do is to make these native breeds cool."

Breeds at risk

Skye Terrier; Glen of Imaal terrier; otterhound; Sealyham terrier; smooth collie; Sussex spaniel; curly-coated retriever; field spaniel; Welsh corgi (Cardigan); English toy terrier (black and tan); bloodhound; Irish water spaniel; Irish red & white setter; Norwich terrier; Manchester terrier; Dandie Dinmont terrier; Lancashire heeler; Clumber spaniel; King Charles spaniel; smooth fox terrier; deerhound; Irish terrier; Kerry blue terrier; Gordon setter; soft-coated wheaten terrier; Welsh terrier; Lakeland terrier.

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