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Open Post: We Remember Giant George on What Would Have Been His Eighth Birthday

The former owners of the onetime World's Tallest Dog ask people to make donations in his name. What are some of your favorite causes?

 |  Nov 15th 2013  |   1 Contribution

Last month, Giant George, who held the Guinness World Record for tallest dog from 2010 to 2013, passed away. He was a month shy of his eighth birthday. 

Before fellow Great Dane Zeus nabbed the title in 2013, Giant George stood the tallest at 3 feet and 7 inches. Ironically, George was born the runt of his litter before he blossomed into the record-setting gentle giant.

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This Sunday, Nov. 17, would have been George's birthday. In honor of the former world's tallest dog, George's human friends have asked his fans to make a donation in the dog's name to the animal charity of their choice. If you need more information, check out the Facebook event page.

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Can you believe George was the runt of his litter?

I thought it would also be great to get charity suggestions from you here as well. If you can't make a monetary donation, consider making a donation of your time by volunteering at an animal shelter.

What are some other charities you like? Are you planning on doing anything for Giant George's birthday? What are your thoughts on George, or big dogs in general?

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