Get Your Dog DNA Questions Submitted

 |  Apr 29th 2009  |   10 Contributions

Don't forget now's your opportunity to get all your questions answered about dog DNA testing. I have to turn in the questions at the end of the week so don't miss out by not getting your question submitted in time.

Good Morning America correspondent Dr. Marty Becker and geneticist Dr. Neale Fretwell are conducting satellite interviews on May 6th on the Wisdom Panel Test, the most comprehensive doggie DNA test available today.

I've been invited to ask the doctors some questions, but I thought rather than me asking my questions I would let Dogsters submit them. Post any questions you have on DNA testing and I will forward them on, the interview footage will be posted on Wednesday, May 6th.

Please leave your questions on the ORIGINAL post so I can keep them all together.


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