Get Dogster's Free iPhone App

 |  Nov 12th 2009  |   9 Contributions

As you may have heard from our Unleashed blog, the lovable geeks at Dogster HQ have come up with the very first Dogster iPhone Application! It's called Dog Park, and true to its name, it'll allow you to stroll through the virtual dog park, chat with friends and meet other dog people on the go. If you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch, please install and try out, and let us know what you think. It won't cost you a dime! ;)

The application allows you to make a profile for yourself (or your dog) and then see other people nearby or online and chat with them. Here's a peek at what early-adopters have been up to:




Time spent using the app translates into free points that allow you to buy gifts to give other dogs!




Try it out and give us a bark!


Tip: Creating a profile and avatar takes just a minute and is a great way to participate in Dogster's community of people who are passionate about dogs.

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