German Shepherd Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Cinderblock Wall

 |  Dec 28th 2010  |   18 Contributions


Look at these photos and imagine being this 8-month-old German Shepherd. Poooooor puppy! He really got himself into a pickle yesterday when he stuck his head through a hole in an 18-inch thick retaining wall on his owner's property near Palm Springs. That does not look comfortable at all!

Animal control rescuers, who aren't sure what drove Rebel to want to see what was on the other side of the wall, first made sure his breathing was OK and unrestricted, according to Southwest Riverside News Network. Then they started pulling from one side, pushing from the other.

He let us know if we were pushing too hard, but he kept working right along with us. He helped us a lot. You could see his hind legs stiffen to assist in the direction we were going. He knew we were trying to save him," said Riverside County Animal Services Sgt. James Huffman.

In about a half hour, Rebel was free, with only minor injuries. Animal control officials will be talking to the property owner about covering the hole with chicken wire so Rebel doesn't end up looking like a mounted moose head again.

(Photos: Southwest Riverside News Network)


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