German Dog Rocks Out His Home While Owner Gone on Vacation

 |  Apr 15th 2007  |   4 Contributions

Yeah the dog just SAID it was an accident. I bet he had a bunch of howling friends headed over to pawty while the human was away!

Thanks to the for this funny story.

German dog plagues neighbours with loud music

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German dog locked inside a caravan turned on his absent master's radio and left it blasting out music, setting off howls from neighbours and prompting police to cut power to the mobile home.

"The dog seems to have switched on the radio on while sniffing around, and somehow turned it up full blast," said a spokesman for police in the eastern city of Dresden on Friday. "Residents began calling to complain about the noise, so we had to intervene."

Officers cut the power supply to the mobile home after finding the black mongrel locked inside with the music blaring, and left a note for the absent 57-year-old owner.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.


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