Garfield Contest on Catster

 |  Jun 7th 2006  |   0 Contributions


Dogster Dahlila wants to let all out kitty readers know about a contest over on Catster.

Dahlila wrote:
Hey Joy,
I know this is a blog for dogster but since a lot of dogsters have cat siblings on the cat end of this organizatiion I thought i would let everyone know about the garfield contest on their site.


Here's a bit more about the Garfield contest.

"Give your Cat the Royal Treatment" enter for a chance to win a kitty massager for your cat brought to you by Garfield and

Garfield found his "twin" in Jolly Ole England. Maybe you can find YOUR cat's twin on Catster.

Even if you don't find an exact match - you can enter to win just by participating - and you can win your cat the Royal treatment!

Thanks Dahlila!



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