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Fujitsu Collar Monitor Tracks Your Dog's Health 24/7

Track your dog's health 24/7, thanks to a new collar-borne device launched this week by Fujitsu.

 |  May 15th 2012  |   0 Contributions

A Japanese company has just made life a little easier for those of us who are hypervigilant about our pets' health. Then again, maybe it has just given us more to worry about.

Tokyo-based information techology firm Fujitsu announced its launch of an innovative new device that can be affixed to dogs' collars, where it can monitor their level of activity, number of steps taken, and other health-related data.

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Fujitsu's new pet-health device. Photo courtesy of Fujitsu.

"To help dog owners manage the health of their pets using information and communication technology, Fujitsu has leveraged its sensing technologies for humans gained in the development of the company's mobile phones and other technologies, and has adapted them for a device that can monitor a dog's activity levels," the press release reads. 

The device -- which will become available to the public later this year -- will be unveiled this week. Because it is small and lightweight and requires very little power, it can be worn constantly, gathering data even while dogs sleep.

"Even for owners who cannot keep a constant eye on their pets, by monitoring and recording the number of steps they take, as well as signs of shivering and external temperature information, the new device enables owners to stay informed about the dog's regular activity levels, making it easy to detect any changes in their pet's health," the press release declares.

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To read the data, bring the device close to your phone or computer. You can also upload the data and archive it. "Data uploaded to the cloud can be viewed on a special pet owner web page, while transitions over time can be displayed as graphs, making them easier to understand and facilitating the instant detection of any changes."

If your dog is feeling under the weather -- or is sneaking off for daily rendezvous with that Bichon Frise on the far side of town -- this device will tell you straightaway.


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