Freedom For 98 Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs

 |  Nov 5th 2008  |   14 Contributions

In Jay, Oklahoma a puppy mill was raided and 98 dogs were rescued from horrendous conditions.

The owner of the puppy mill had left town for more than a week, leaving the dogs without food. Many did not have access to water, nine of the dogs were already dead.

The owner of the puppy mill lived in a tent next to her puppy mill, Wehr said. She is expected to be charged with more than 100 counts of cruelty to animals, a felony, Berry said.

The uproar over the puppy mill in Oklahoma has been overwhelming, Wehr said. Oklahoma has the dubious distinction of ranking No. 2 nationwide for puppy mills - behind neighboring Missouri, she said.

Delaware County is a poor area, and some people there start raising puppies in hopes of selling them. But they are soon in over their heads - hardly able to support themselves, much less the dogs, Wehr said.

The dogs were rescued thanks in part to Darlene Wehr, a veterinarian from Delaware County, and the staff of the Denver Dumb Friends League. The dogs were driven from the puppy mill to Denver, Colorado where they will be available for adoption. Before the drive the dogs got their first taste of freedom.

Before the transfer, the dogs visited Salina's dog park. They were overjoyed.

Unaccustomed to anything but dirt and filth, the miniature poodles and springer spaniels sniffed the grass. Then they had the time of their lives romping around the park, said Wehr, laughing.

If you're interested in adopting encouraged to visit the Dumb Friends League Web site, or call (303) 751-5772, to find out when these dogs are available.


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