Free Treats From The Honest Kitchen

 |  Oct 7th 2008  |   22 Contributions

On October 2nd I posted, Healthy Autumn Brownie Recipe, given to us from The Honest Kitchen.

Because I put it on the bottom of the article, some Dogsters missed that along with the recipe we are also having a fun giveaway.

The Honest Kitchen has generously donated some of their homemade dog treats to give away. Besides being all natural they have great names; Nuzzles, Pecks, Ice Pups, and Smooches.

We're going to be giving one of each kind away, a total of four prizes. To enter use one of the treat names in a funny sentence, it doesn't have to make sense. As an example, "I give my dog Smooches." Leave your comment, in the comment section, and I will choose the winners on Thursday, October 9th based on the funniest or silliest answers.

To enter, go to the original posting and leave your comment in the comment section. Good luck!


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