As I was going through the news this morning I came across a story about a house fire that trapped three dogs. Sadly two of the dogs died, the third was able to be revived.

No one was home at the time, but firefighters found three dogs inside during their first search of the home. They were able to revive only one of the dogs.

There wasn’t much more reported in the article but the point I wanted to highlight was that no one was home when it happened. When the firefighters got there they had no idea any dogs were inside the home, it was pure luck that they found them on their first search through the house.

The ASPCA has FREE window decals you can put on your window to let emergency workers know how many animals you have inside. That way if you’re not home when something happens whomever responds to the emergency will immediately know to be on the lookout for your pets. Having this information beforehand could mean the difference between life and death.

To get a window decal just go to the ASPCA site and fill out the form for the free Pet Safety Pack. It also includes a ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet. The only thing to keep in mind, the number is toll-free but there is a $60 evaluation fee charged when you call.

The National Capital Poison Center site provides a toll-free number which will connect you to your local poison control agency, the service is free. Also, check out the site which has some important tips if you think your dog may have been poisoned.

The bottom line, the more prepared you are the safer your pets will be.

* Window decal pic courtesy ASPCA