Former Dogster HQ Dog Goes Viral

 |  Oct 26th 2011  |   2 Contributions

Ah, geez.

You take your eyes off one pup for just a couple of months and BAM! He's a YouTube sensation.

Pubby was on staff at Dogster for a little over a year, owning the position of Social Media Shih Tzu (his human, Nam, helped him run our Facebook, Twitter, and Digg accounts at the time).

But then he decided our office was too small and poorly lit, and he convinced his human to take him to the Big Apple so he could live the big city life. And THEN we discovered that he's got close to 100K views on YouTube these days (cue the adorable clip below).

Pubby, now that you're famous, we hope you'll still talk to us little people.

P.S. Also: Stop being so cute! We miss you!



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