Former Big Brother Stars Fight Over Pit Bull

 |  Sep 11th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Melanie Hill and Alex Sibley

From Big Brother.Digital Spy comes this news of a Big Brother "dog fight."

Former BB lovebirds fight over pet dog

by Daniel Kilkelly

Melanie Hill and Alex Sibley are at the centre of a custody battle over their pet dog.

The former lovebirds, who appeared in BB1 and BB3 respectively, both want to keep hold of Staffordshire bull terrier Poppy following the end of their three-year relationship.

"Alex and Mel have looked after Poppy since she was a puppy and both of them love her to bits," a friend told the Sunday Mirror. "They can bear to be without each other but not the dog.

"The situation has reached a point where the only way to resolve the case is through the courts. Mel thinks Poppy's better off with her because she has a garden. Alex lives in a converted first-floor flat that doesn't have a garden."

Mel said: "I can't speak about Poppy until after the court case."


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