Follow-up on the Cleveland Clinic Dog Killing By Doctor

 |  Feb 1st 2007  |   3 Contributions

For those of you who wondered what happened in the case of the dog who was killed by the Cleveland Clinic just so some hotshot doctor could demonstrate a medical device, here's the latest from

Doctor 'diverted' dog for training

CLEVELAND A Cleveland Clinic doctor who induced a brain aneurysm in a dog to demonstrate a medical device requested the animal without specifying it would be used for sales training, a federal investigator concluded.

The neurosurgeon utilized an approved research protocol with no training component to request the animal be delivered to the lab, the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection report said.

The doctor then diverted the animal to his use for the training program he was conducting, said the Jan. 24 report from a USDA veterinarian.

The doctor induced the aneurysm in the dog Jan. 10 to demonstrate a medical device to a group of 20 to 25 salespeople. The large, mixed-breed dog was anesthetized during the demonstration and had to be euthanized afterward because of the damage caused by the aneurysm, the clinic said.

The clinic said the procedure wasnt authorized and the hospital bans such use of animals. The clinic reported itself to the USDA, which regulates animal testing.

The clinics Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee recommended that the doctor, who has not been identified, not perform animal research for two years, according to a Jan. 19 letter from a hospital official to the USDA. Hospital leaders supported the committees recommendation, the clinic said Wednesday.

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