Flying Chihuahuas!

 |  Jan 6th 2010  |   8 Contributions


The cutie above is one of 15 Chihuahuas who took to the skies today on a journey from San Francisco to New York in pursuit of loving homes. The dogs are flying for free in the cabins of two Virgin America flights.

The airline gave human passengers on the flight a celebratory round of drinks to thank them for sharing the flight with the dogs from Operation Chihuahua. Passengers hoped it would not turn into a six-hour-long yapfest. We heard the dogs would probably be sedated, and were going to be safely stowed in carriers under the seats of their human escorts, so it sounds like there probably isn't a giant tiny dog party going on 35,000 feet above the US.

As of this writing in the early afternoon Pacific time, the flights would be landing in New York shortly. Virgin America promises in-flight pix soon on the airline's Facebook page. Click here for a slide show of the dogs getting ready for their flight. For background on why these little dogs need to leave California to find homes, check out Dogster's story about the state's Chihuahua overpopulation problem.

Animal Care and Control officer Le-Ellis Brown kisses Malibu goodbye before the flight from SFO to NY (Photo: San Francisco Chronicle)


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