Florida Protestors Demonstrate to Save Zeus from Judge-ordered Death

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Thanks to WWSB ABC 7 for this news.

Protesters come out to show support for Zeus

Posted on Saturday June 23, 2007

NOKOMIS - Supporters of Zeus the dog came out to show their displeasure with the decision to put the German Shepard to sleep earlier this year. The dog bit a Verizon repairman in Nokomis even though it was the first time Zeus had bitten anyone. A judge has decided he must be destroyed.

Since airing the story about Zeus this week our phones and emails have been packed with people wanting to do something to save the two-year old German Shepards life. Dozens of supports filled the Sarasota County Animal Services parking lot hoping to make a difference.

"Today we really just want to bring awareness to the situation and hopefully saves Zeus's life." Protestors come out Saturday to persuade those in charge to reverse the sentence of death for Zeus. The dog bit a Verizon repairman several times inside his owner's home and now waits inside Sarasota County Animal Services.

"Here is this dog that unfortunately got in this situation to protect his owner and people see that and don't want this to just become a norm. That Okay this is one exception and the same thing is going to happen to other animals," says Donna Paige protest organizer.

State law says if a dog causes multiple bites and serious injury even though it may be the first offense it can be destroyed. A magistrate and judge had a decision and chose death.

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