Florida Katrina Dog Linus Alerts Pet Parent to 11 Foot Boa Constrictor Nearby

 |  Sep 30th 2007  |   3 Contributions

What a dog! First Linus survives Katrina, then he alerts his person about a huge snake! Big barks for Linus and Matthew for taking Linus in after Katrina!

Thanks to Yahoo News for this great news!

Dog Alerts Man To Boa Constrictor In Park
Thu Sep 27

Matthew Erskine knew his dog Linus was a survivor. The K9 appeared on the Hollywood man's doorstep after Hurricane Katrina two years ago. But man and his best friend never thought they'd come face to face with a giant Colombian boa constrictor in the middle of a Coconut Creek park.

Erskine told Local 10's Janine Stanwood that he was fishing Wednesday afternoon in Tradewinds Park when Linus started barking. It was then that he realized what was lurking in the bushes: an enormous snake, slithering across the sidewalk and toward the water.

"(Erskine) waved at me, and a second later I saw (the snake). I ran right over and picked him right up," said Chris Brennan, a Broward County park ranger.

And that's not easy, even for a trained professional. Brennan said the 11-foot Colombian red tail boa constrictor, likely someone's pet that got loose, is "all muscle."

"If this guy had gotten hold of the dog, substantial damage would have been done," said Brennan. "If no one had intervened, the snake would have killed the dog."

But Erskine believes Linus, sensing danger, saved both of them.

"I feel like his little guardian angel," said Erskine. "Sometimes I feel like he's my guardian. I wouldn't have seen the snake if he hadn't started barking. I would have just moved along."

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