Florida Chihuahua Mimi Adopts Baby Squirrels

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Thanks to WJLA for this story.

Dog Adopts Baby Squirrels
September 08, 2007

A little dog with a big heart has adopted a group of baby squirrels in Florida.

Derek Varnes found the squirrels' nest on a downed limb while working for a tree cutting company.

Varnes gave the baby squirrels to his fiance's mother, Jeanette Young. That's when her 10-year-old dog Mimi the Chihuahua took over.

Young said Mimi would come over and watch her care for the squirrels when she started whining. Young was afriad the Mimi was going to eat the babies but instead she began cleaning and even nursing them, even though the her last litter was four years ago.

Young said, "Mimi seems much calmer, she seems like it was just meant for her to have them and take care of them."

Follow this link to read the rest of the article and watch video.


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