Florida Aussie Saves Guardian

 |  Jan 11th 2007  |   0 Contributions

Thanks to TampaBays10.com for this good news!

Tampa, Florida -- John Michel was sound asleep Saturday night when his dog, Banchee, tried getting his attention, He was pulling, taking his paw, pulling my arm down and just kept whining, like I said I thought he wanted to go outside."

The 8-year-old Australian Shepherd finally got John to open his eyes, When I did wake up the whole room was full of smoke and there was a bright glow on the other side of the house, then I went and saw the whole backside of my house was in flames." John quickly ran out of the house with his three dogs, Is your house totally destroyed? I believe it is the rafters are no bigger than toothpicks, I mean the shingles are just drooping."

He's relieved that Banchee, as well as Banchee's parents, Shadow and Ginger are safe, I know he saved me, but he saved himself and he saved his mom and dad cause they were in there too. He's my little boy, he's my hero." While John could have gone to a hotel, he decided to stay in a tent out back with his furry family, including his best friend who saved his life, Banchee's the one who's got the heart, he just knew something was wrong and wasn't gonna stop till he got me awake."


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