Flexi Leash Contest Winners! Bonus!

 |  Oct 8th 2010  |   6 Contributions

Comfort All Belt Lge RedWell, Dogsters, this was a much harder contest to decide on than the usual "draw a number through random.org and find the winner" contest. We randomly drew 20 names from the entries. Then our small Dogster judging team had the challenging task of whittling the remaining entries down to three. So many of you had wonderful reasons for wanting a Flexi! Many of those with great reasons didn't make the random draw of 20, but many did. Too many! We had a hard time halving that list, much less bringing it down to three.

So I asked the people at Flexi if they might be able to add another leash or two, or if they wanted to help the judging team pare down the list to three. They took a look at the tough choices, and said "We can't judge. It's too hard. How about another four?!" What a wonderful, generous company! It was still very hard to decide, but here are the winners of the SEVEN Flexi leashes:

Lindsey (Winstead), Apollo, Prin-cess, Shar, Jayden, True, and Vicki. If you didn't win, and were deserving, it's probably because your name was not randomly selected for the 20 from whom to choose. :(

Flexi will be getting in touch with winners next week for your shipping info.

Congratulations, leash-winners! Use them in good health!


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