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Help Us Find Our Next Monday Miracle Rescue Dog

For August, we ask you to help us by nominating dogs on Facebook who have special needs.

 |  Jul 31st 2013  |   15 Contributions

As Dogster's social media wrangler, I spend a lot of time thinking about social media's power to convey messages far and wide, and to connect people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet one another. You might be familiar with my weekly Monday Miracle column. I primarily use Facebook to find the subjects of my Monday Miracles, because I find it's the easiest way for people to connect with them -- because once folks are invested in a story, they want to keep following it.

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Blind Jack was rescued from a puppy mill and survived cancer. Read his story here. Photo via Jack's Facebook page

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This is Ralph, whose amazing transformation was possible only with the kindness and compassion of the Bill Foundation. Read his story here.

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Girlie was a wild dog who hung around a power plant when a patient, compassionate worker helped her find a forever home. Read her story here. Photo via Girlie's Facebook page

Since the column's inception, I've been delighted to see it launch dogs with special needs into the spotlight, highlighting how even though these animals are not what most would consider "perfect," they're still beautiful and worthy of love. I think I see myself in them -- I'm really short, I'm not skinny, and my complexion is marred with acne scars, some might even call me "imperfect." But like the Monday Miracles, I've persevered and I know I'm worthy of affection. As a matter of fact, I think we all see ourselves in them.

For the month of August, I'd like to invite you to help me find my Monday Miracles. If you don't already follow us on Facebook, check us out, and look for a post with this image:

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Nominate a dog with a Facebook page you think should be a Monday Miracle by leaving a comment. Try to pick dogs who haven't received any time in the Internet spotlight so we can give them the exposure they need. All dogs are amazing, but I'm looking for the ones who've had to overcome significant obstacles to get where they are.

What do you think? Is there a dog you think deserves to be a Monday Miracle?

The hero image is from an amazing story of chance and survival you can read here.

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