Family Reunion on Dogster

 |  Aug 22nd 2007  |   2 Contributions


There's nothing like reuniting families and here's a reunion you're likely only to see on Dogster. Thanks to Annie's family for barking in to share this happy event with all of us!

Dear Dogster,
Just wanted to drop you a note about our experiences on Dogster and why we like it so much.

Annie, our Transylvanian Hound, was happy that her brother Kolos was a Dogster member, so we joined about a month ago. Since joining, we have discovered that two of Annie's littermates, Lucy and Piglet, are also Dogster members, and have had a very happy family reunion (online) as a result. Annie, Lucy and Piglet are spread out across the U.S. and are three sisters from a litter of 6. Kolos is a half brother and lives not far from Annie.

Thanks Dogster, for reuniting some Happy Hounds!

Annie and Janet H.


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