Fallen Soldiers' Dogs Honored

 |  Feb 17th 2009  |   1 Contribution

Finally, an uplifting story to report from Capitol Hill. The Cannon Canine Honors is a reception to honor special dogs and also members of Congress for their dog-related service.

Representatives who helped bring fallen soldiers' dogs home from the front, as well as the U.S. Capitol Police K-9 team, were recognized at the event.

Rep. Hodes also responded to the call for help. He was contacted in 2007 by the fiance of Army Spc. Justin Rollins, who had been killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq earlier that year.

She told the congressman about how Rollins had found a puppy on his last day and showed pictures of him and the brown and white pup.

Although the dog was no longer in the same place when they went looking for her, members of Rollins' unit combed the area, Hodes said. Days later, they found her and-with a lot of help along the way-got the little dog named Hero to Rollins' fiance, Brittney Murray, and his parents in Newport, N.H.

"I was moved by the challenge of bringing a dog back from Iraq to give some comfort to the family of a brave soldier who had died," Hodes said. "I could not think of anything more important that I could do for his fiance and his family."

The HSUS was thrilled to celebrate these stories. "Dogs have a very special place in American culture," said president and CEO Wayne Pacelle. "There's nothing more painful for any parent than to lose a child. And they obviously wanted to be with the creature who spent the last moments with their son."

Lucy's story was just one of those shared at the Canine Cannon Honors ceremony. Read more on The Humane Society site.

*Lucy was honored as "Senate Pawjority Leader". Mary Conley


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