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 |  Jun 21st 2006  |   0 Contributions

March 2006 Puppy in Disaster

If you want to read more about the ongoing rescue efforts around New Orleans and across the country then you'll want to check out Eric's Dog Blog! Be warned, Eric deals with a lot of tough issues (dog hoarding cases in West Virginia for example) but if you want the straight scoop on what its really like for those dealing with the aftermath of Katrina and the news on other companion animal rescues, visit Eric's Dog Blog.

This blog provides vivid descriptions directly from the operations of various animal rescue groups in New Orleans, LA and surrounding areas. We were working around the clock to save 50,000 to 100,000 pets that are in this disaster area, the biggest animal crisis in history. Time is running out! But we are still pulling 1000s of animals out every day -- finding some alive in houses after 6 weeks. Be sure to check the archives and oldest posts for great stories. Read on!

The picture above was taken over six months after Katrina.


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