Enter Our Toys Contest

 |  Aug 31st 2009  |   1 Contribution

I just want to remind everypup about the fun contest taking place. We are giving away 10 Dogtronics toys, which bring the magic of battery-operated light, sound and motion features to your dog's toy box.

Your dog's favorite types of toys - plush, rubber, nylon, rope and balls - come alive with a symphony of sights and sounds that dogs just can't resist and you'll love too. Whether it's an unexpected flash of light, a curious jittery motion or a realistic animal call, Dogtronics toys are naturally exciting to dogs, giving them an instinctual incentive to play longer - and more often.

Go to the ORIGINAL POST to get all the details and enter. The contest ends on Friday, September 4th when I will randomly choose the lucky winners.


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