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Enter Dogster's 2012 Adopt Stroll and Contest!

Enter to win hundreds of great prizes at our Annual Adopt Stroll Contest -- and share in the joy that adoption brings to so many.

 |  Jul 3rd 2012  |   5 Contributions

Celebrating its seventh anniversary, the Annual Adopt Stroll Contest is under way!

Created in 2006 by Dogster member Maria, Lucia’s caregiver, and nurtured over the years by Jasmine, who lives with Gibbon and Mia, this Community-run contest is an opportunity for Dogsters to share the joy, love, and fulfillment adopting a pet has brought to their lives. The mission is simple -- to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to consider adoption when adding a dog to your family.

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Adopt Stroll co-founder Jasmine and Gibbon with Lori in NYC

Dale, who shares her home with River, says: "So many beautiful pups wait in cages and foster homes throughout the world. If this contest can encourage just one person to adopt, we have accomplished our goal. Each year we receive beautiful stories of love and devotion, stories from those who have brought a dog in need into their family and have found much love, some challenges, and so many rewards."

There are 11 categories this year, including a new category, SASSY’S SENIOR CATEGORY, a tribute to Sassy, a beloved Dogster who went to the Rainbow Bridge this year. Pups who are 8 years or older are eligible to participate in this category.

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Beasley, HQ foster dog, available for adoption through Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Members of the Dogster Community have donated hundreds of great prizes, many from their own pet-related businesses, such as “Opt to Adopt” jewelry, pet gift cards, doggy treats and toys, pet portraits, donations to rescues of choice, and more!

All Dogsters are welcome to participate. If you’ve adopted a dog, have a dog available for adoption, volunteer with a shelter and rescue organization, or just support dog adoption, your story can be an inspiration to others!

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Sassy, inspiration for this year's Senior category.

Even if you’re not a registered member of the Dogster Community, you are encouraged to read the Adoption Stroll Contest entries and view the photo stroll!

The deadline to enter is Sunday, July 8, at 9 pm Dogster Time (PST). For information about how to enter the contest, a full list of prizes, along with this year’s panel of esteemed judges, please visit Dogster’s Contests and Vote For Me Forum!

Have you adopted a dog? Tell us about it in the comments!


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