English Woman Scoops Wrong Poop; Gets a Ticket

 |  May 19th 2010  |   22 Contributions

Definitely clean it up! But if you clean the wrong mess, should you get fined?

A 60-year-old woman in Sunderland, England was chatting with her daughter on her cell phone when her dog scooted off to do some doggy business. She says that after she cleaned it up, two city officials came up to her, said she'd picked up the wrong poop, and gave her a ticket for 50 ($72 US).

"I picked up the other mess too, and put it in the bag but he said I'd still be fined," Pam Robson told the BBC. She later received a notice threatening a court action and a possible criminal record if she didn't pay, the BBC reports.

Would Barbie ever scoop the wrong poop from her semi-coprophagic dog? Probably not. The dog would likely get to it first.

"It felt like the worst kind of bullying," she said.

She ended up working with her Member of Parliament and an attorney before the city dropped the "errant droppings" charges.

I don't know about you, but my dog's calling card doesn't really have a calling card on it. If he happens to poop in a spot where someone has left an "orphan poop," and I've got my head 'round the other way to give him his required privacy, it may take me a couple of seconds to figure out which one is his, especially if the other is a recent addition as well. (And I'll usually end up just scooping up the whole lot.)

I've never heard of anyone being fined for scooping the wrong poop. Dogsters: Have you?


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