Elvis Is In The House - Again

 |  Aug 28th 2008  |   5 Contributions

You may all remember David and Elvis, the first contestants expelled from Canine Academy on CBS' Greatest American Dog.

Well, it looks like they're making news in the Big Apple where David threw Elvis a Bark Mitzvah party.

NEW YORK- A New York man says he is so proud of his dog that he decided to throw him a "Bark Mitzvah."

The party resembled a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah and cost about $10,000 to throw.

The dog's owner, David Best, describes Elvis as " extremely handsome, he has a great personality and everyone loves him."

Asked whether he thought the $10,000 price was too much, Best says that "you have to have a pet, a dog, to know what it is all about."

Hey, if you got the cash I'm all for showering your pet with special things. Of course that $10K could have helped a few rescue organizations make ends meet, but from what I saw of David on GAD, I'm sure he's been donating to worthy causes too.


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