East Africa: Dogs to Fight Drugs

 |  May 16th 2006  |   0 Contributions

This article from the Ugandan website The New Vision came to us from allAfrica.com.

Abubaker Mukose

SNIFFER dogs are to be deployed at East African entry points to curb the rampant drug trafficking.

Directors of criminal investigation departments (CID) and heads of anti-narcotics units passed the resolution last week at the closure of a three-day retreat at Sunset Hotel in Jinja.

Presented by Uganda's CID chief Elizabeth Kutesa (above), the resolution stated that the delegates agreed to obtain dog training samples of mainly heroin and cocaine, which they said were the commonest illicit drugs in the area.

"We have noted the limited number of sniffer dogs and minimal results achieved in tracking narcotics. We need to build capacity by obtaining enough dogs and training more handlers," the resolution stated.


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