Dutch Dogue de Bordeaux Saved From Strangulation by "Kiss of Life"

 |  Sep 8th 2006  |   1 Contribution

Dogster Mike

Hooray for the Dutch neighbors and good samaritan who saved this dogue de Bordeaux! But my question is, if the human wasn't home, WHY was the dog on a leash? Was he tethered INSIDE!? Ever hear of a crate?

This article came from the Toronto Star.

Good Samaritan gives dog 'kiss of life'
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands A good Samaritan saved a French mastiff that had nearly strangled by giving it "the kiss of life," Dutch police said Tuesday.

According to an official police report, the 18-month-old dog fell from a balcony in the Dutch town of Zevenaar on Monday night but remained dangling from his leash and collar until neighbours and several bystanders noticed and cut the animal loose later the same evening.

It was unconscious and had stopped breathing, police spokesman Paul Koetsier said.

"First they tried heart massage, but that didn't work," he said. "I wasn't there but as I understand it, they then closed its mouth and breathed through its nose."

The dog began to show signs of life, and a passing ambulance stopped and gave the animal further assistance.

It was later taken to a veterinarian in the town, 60 kilometres east of Amsterdam, and has now fully recovered, the police report said.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

BTW, the dogster in the above picture is NOT the Dutch dog, but Dogster Mike is so appealling I just couldn't resist using his picture as the example of what these gorgeous dogs look like for those who aren't familiar with the breed.


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