"Driving license" for Dogs in Vienna

 |  Apr 2nd 2006  |   2 Contributions

Before you go out and buy that new auto retro-fitted for four legs instead of two, read the rest of the story. The driving license is actually for the person walking the dog. An article on Aljazeera.Net reports that Vienna, Austria recently enacted a "driving license for dogs" to help the canines with their social skills.
The license is voluntary and has both written and practical aspects to the test.

Viennese dogs getting tested

Ulli Sima, the capital's environment councillor who initiated the licence project, said: "The Viennese are real dog-lovers. But they believe strict measures are necessary so that peaceful cohabitation between man and dog is possible in this city."

Those happy owners who pass their "licence" - or Hundefuehrerschein - will be exempt from the annual dog tax of 43.60 and will receive a few goodies for their pets, from vouchers for a new leash to bags for their pet's droppings.

So who passes out the tickets when a canine gets out of line -- the German police dogs?


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