Dogster's World Coolest is On! Enter and Vote!

 |  Oct 8th 2008  |   9 Contributions

Our 4th Annual Worlds Coolest Dog & Cat Show* is live and hip-hop-happening! G-G-Get on over there and e-e-enter, g-g-get on over there and v-v-vote... just GET ON OVER THERE! As the contest strolls along new entries will arrive daily, so make sure that you check back in every day to cast your votes!

Here are a few of the entries so far... Think you can top 'em? Go for it!

Check out all the categories first, put on your creative thinking caps and say cheese... It's SHOWTIME, pawrty people!

*The 4th Annual Worlds Coolest Dog & Cat Show is an online photo contest. You must be a member of the Dog ster or the Cat ster and be 13 years of age or older to enter or vote. Remember, no pedigree is requiredany pet can enter regardless of age, breed or disposition.


Tip: Creating a profile and avatar takes just a minute and is a great way to participate in Dogster's community of people who are passionate about dogs.

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