Dogsters Protest Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) with Stroll and Contest on May 26th

 |  May 2nd 2007  |   1 Contribution


Here's something we can all get behind -- supporting our BSL-targeted fellow Dogsters!

Jennie Friedrich, Cheesecake's furmom, wrote:
Hi Joy,

Just wanted to let you know that we're getting some pups together for an Anti-BSL Day and contest. So far we have a lot of sponsors, but not so many contestants. If you could help get the word out, we would really appreciateit. You can read about in in Plus Fun or Dog Laws and Legislation.
Cheese :o)

Here's what Cheescake has to say about the stroll and contest in the Plus Fun Forum:

Join us for Anti-BSL Day!! May 26th is the official date, and we need great pups of all breeds to join us in our stroll, photo contest, and to spread the news in the non-Dogster world!

Anyone can join the stroll and support those on the ever growing BSL list.

TAG : Anti BSL 07

Pictures can be in any format ..... color, black & whites, animated or not. However the picture MUST have something {anything} with an Anti BSL proclamation { a sign, a collar tag, a bandana}.
Be creative !!

Let's support all the great pups and owners out there who are being unfairly punished for someone else's irresponsibility!


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