Dogster Weimaraner Nina Works to Save Dalmatians!

 |  Sep 20th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Nina resting her writing paw

Do you know a Dogster or a group of Dogsters who should be recognized for good works or heroic efforts? If so, bark in!

Rosie knows someone she wants to bark about -- Nina! Rosie's mom, Susan Fields, barked in about Nina and suggested the very good idea of recognizing our Dogster heroes! Here's Rosie's diary where she talks about Nina.

A big THANK YOU to Nina for finding a petition to fight the killing of deaf dalmatian puppies! Although Nina is not Dalmatian, but a Weimaraner, Nina took the time to individually contact over 700 Dalmatian owners and send them a link to this petition. At this writing, she says she still has another 400 Dals she plans on writing! It seems she is getting car-pawl tunnel syndrome!

Despite some typos etc it is a very worthwhile petition...see and sign it here.


And thank you Rosie and Rosie's mom, Susan, for barking in!


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